A Night in the Tropics

Freshman girls and their dates before their first formal dance at Mercy.

Freshman girls and their dates before their first formal dance at Mercy.

Allison Moellinger ’18

This weekend all freshmen and sophomores were invited to Mercy for a trip to the tropics at the annual freshman sophomore dance. Thanks to the sophomores the theme came alive. The palm trees, net, and hawaiian grass here, there, and everywhere really got everyone in the mood. It actually felt like you were on a tropical cruise with your friends. To top it off each person was given a lei to wear around their neck.

The leis weren’t the only spectacular part of the everyone’s outfit. All the girls had on beautiful dresses and their hair nicely styled. All the guys wore their best suits with nice ties to match their dates dress. Everyone looked particularly nice.

However, no one let their nice clothes get in the way of their dancing. Eventually everyone, whether they could dance or not, was moving their feet to the beat and having a grand old-time jamming to songs like Wobble Baby, Cupid Shuffle, and Uptown Funk. Then when the slow songs came on like Thinking Out Loud everyone grabbed a partner whether it was a date or a friend, and swayed to the music.

Besides dancing, the gym was filled with laughter, singing, and a bunch of wild teenagers. There were also refreshments offered for anyone who needed a little pick-me-up from all the partying.

Once 11:30 hit, everyone was worn out and the dance officially ended. Then it was time for the Student Council and their helpful dates to clean up and get the gym back to its usual state.

Being a freshman, this was my first formal high school dance and I would say it was an outstanding success. Like most girls I was a little anxious, excited, and nervous for this dance, all at the same time. Everyone encountered a few new experiences such as putting on your date’s boutonniere. I’m happy to say everyone had a great time. I can honestly say the freshman/sophomore dance was one of the best nights of my life.

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