Senior’s Plagued with an illness

By Kaylee Merschbach

As time goes on, more and more seniors begin to show signs of Senioritis. For those of you that may not know what this horrible disease is, here’s a brief description:


As the year goes on, seniors begin to slack as much as possible to get through the year. This could have to do with anything. Literally. You know you’re severely sick with senioritis when you find yourself brushing your teeth in your bed in the morning. The term “Due Tomorrow” turns into “Do tomorrow.” Slacking off becomes the main priority. Sure, in the past years we have all went through periods of time where we’ve become careless with our schoolwork. But if you think that is anything like being infected with Senioritis, you’re completely wrong. After dealing with the tedious college applications, senior projects, going to school, going to work, going to sleep on time and also trying to have a social life, you begin to slack off with ANYTHING. Already late to school, might as well stop for some breakfast right? Being so close to graduation really doesn’t help. You’ve gotten this far, so why keep trying right? Here’s a little taste of what being sick with senioritis feels like; Remember not being happy with that 93% average in math you had sophomore year? You wanted to get an A+ and you ended up with an A-. Having senioritis means that you put in ¼ of your effort into a paper, and are happy to get a 71%. At least you didn’t fail right? The closer we get to graduation, the worse it gets. “I’ll do it right after school is over,” becomes “I’ll do it before 2nd bell.”


You may have Senioritis if you have any of these symptoms:

Leaving your backpack in the car over the weekend

Finishing a 200 point project in homeroom

Waking up 10 minutes before you have to leave

Being too lazy to copy a friend’s worksheet/notes

Not being able to even write your name at the top of your paper

When you have 4 tests tomorrow and you’re shopping for prom dresses

Only getting out of bed because you look forward to the nap you’ll be taking after school

When your mom “Thanks you” for going to school

When you haven’t brushed your hair in 3 weeks or worn anything but sweats

When your absences for school are a higher number than your grade average

Getting bummed about not having the Flu

Going on your computer to study and ending up on twitter for 3 hours

Having to convince yourself you need to go to school

Writing an essay turns into 6 hours of watching Netlfix

Spend your class playing Disney games


In the end, the only cure is actually graduation.

Seniors, we only have a little over 3 months left of high school. No matter how hard we get hit with senioritis, just remember it’ll all be over soon!


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