Dancing in the Graveyard

By Bridget Hellmann

Having danced in 4 Mercy shows prior to Addams Family and I’ve had a great time dancing in the shows but Addams Family has been my favorite. All of the dancers are talented in many different areas plus their is a smaller group of dancers so I’ve gotten the chance to know them better. In the past, we’ve had problems with people not coming to practice but in this show there have been no attendance issues.

In a typical rehearsal we go to The Mount so that we can practice on a larger stage without having to worry about set pieces being built where we need to dance. Practice usually starts between 3:30 and 4:00 while we wait for our choreographer Amy to come. After Amy comes we run through the dances we’ve already learned and will start on our new dances if we have any left to choreograph. Practice goes until 6 and we work on the dances the entire time we have rehearsal.

For Addams Family we are in 3 dances, The Moon and Me, a song where Uncle Fester proclaims his love of the moon and we dance with large silver balls which were used in Schoolhouse Rock in 2013. Our second dance is the tango scene between Morticia and Gomez. In this dance we have large pieces of fabric that Morticia and Gomez weave through during their sword fight. During our first rehearsal of that dance one of the freshman dancers, Taylor Perdue, came up with a jump which is now called “when you see bae.” Throughout practice we will yell out “when you see bae” and everyone does the jump.It can get crazy sometimes!  The third dance we are in is Death Is Just Around the Corner where Morticia and the Dead Doo-wop Girls sing about how they are displeased with Wednesday falling in love with a normal boy but not to fear because death is just around the corner. In that dance we are dressed as the Grim Reaper and we have a “girly” routine which Ms.B finds very humourous and I think that the audience will find it very entertaining.

Some of the things I have liked the best about this show are that the dancers are all really nice and great people to work with. The dances are give us interesting characters to portray and Amy gives us all steps that show off our strengths. Our costumes are different than what we have worn in the past and really add to the story that the actors are telling on stage. For the show, Mercy’s stage is being extended out farther and it will be different to get to dance close to the audience.

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