Prom Checklist

Prom checklist

Sara Dressman ‘15

Your official guide to prom preparation one month in advance!

1. Dress- If you aren’t intent on buying an expensive dress you may only have the opportunity to wear once or twice, a good solution might be to borrow a dress from a friend in your grade or to borrow the dress of an upperclassman. Another idea might be to shop at a thrift shop or an outlet store for a prom dress. You won’t feel as bad spending $40 on a dress you will only wear once, besides that’s a way to save money for other aspects of the prom preparation. Looking for a style and color that suits your body type and your skin tone is a good place to start. Make sure to try on your dress the week of prom to make sure that it still fits!

 2. Shoes- If you’re planning to go to two proms in a row(ie: Mercy’s prom and Elder’s prom), keep this in mind when choosing your shoes. Don’t try to wear heels to Mercy’s prom unless you want to have sore feet for Elder’s prom. If you do want to wear heels for pictures, I suggest wearing heels for the pictures and then switching to flats immediately afterwards.

 3. Makeup/Hair Ideas- Pinterest is a good resource for finding ideas for hair and makeup that goes well with your dress as well as your eye color. If you are doing your own hair or makeup, practice the ideas on yourself before prom night so you are sure it will turn out for prom. This goes for if your friend is doing your hair or makeup as well. If you’re doing your makeup, pick either your eyes or your lips to focus on. If you’re wearing a bright shade of lipstick, do a more subtle approach to your eyes, or vice versa. If you are planning on getting an appointment for your hair or makeup, be sure to schedule that ASAP, spaces will fill up quickly!

 4. Promposal- If you want to bring a date, consider how you plan on asking them. Coming up with a clever idea for asking him is definitely a bonus! Pinterest, again, is a good resource for this as well! Consider what he is interested in and use that as the basis for how you ask him! If you are not bringing a date, be sure to get your group together with your plans for carpooling, after-prom plans, etc!

 5. Dinner plans- Plan for dinner now. What you’re going to do, whether it be at a restaurant or at home. I would not recommend spaghetti for prom dinner. Also keep in mind that prom is on a Friday during Lent, if that affects your decision at all.

 6. Nails- Get your nails done a couple days in advance. This will add time to your limited time to prepare for prom. You don’t necessarily have to pick the same shade as your dress, rather pick a shade that compliments your dress color.


Showing their excitement to go to prom! From the left: Sara Dressman ’15, Casey Tegencamp ’15, Erica Brewer ’15, and Andrea Smith ’15 with their dates at Prom 2014.


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