Academic Team wraps up season


Olivia Short ‘17

On February 28, Mercy’s Academic Team wrapped up their season at the city-wide Winter Tournament. Let’s jump in to the exciting world of nerd sports, shall we?

First off, Mercy’s team itself has an interesting makeup. A ridiculous majority of us (⅞, to be exact) went to St. Antoninus for grade school. Our ENTIRE varsity team (sophomores Maria Busken, Rachel Meyer, Sarah Braunstein, and myself) are all St. A Jaguars. #jagswag. It makes sense– our school held pride in having a good Academic Team. Always getting praise at assemblies and on the morning announcements, the team was the seventh grade equivalent to fame. I’ll let you pause here to imagine a middle school nerd-to-cool-kid montage. (And here’s that one montage song to enhance the experience)

We’re also unique for our players’ ages: our varsity team is entirely sophomores. Most every other school has a varsity team of seniors, with a few juniors sprinkled here and there. The point is that we’re being asked material about classes we haven’t taken yet — US History, Biology, Government… all things we won’t be learning about until our junior or senior years. For our older opponents, these questions are a breeze. We have to compensate by killing it on the subjects we do know. That’s what makes me proud to be on Academic Team — we truly do pull our weight. Though we jokingly call ourselves babies, the varsity players have built up a reputation for ourselves.


Our next season will start in the fall… and so will all those new, useful classes. Run for the hills, Seton!

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