Bobcat’s Building Brains

By Abby Connor ’15

In Ms. Lundstedt’s B1 and B2 Psychology classes we are currently learning about the different parts and functions of the brain. We have been using the 3D brain app that shows you the brain and you can click on different parts of the brain to learn about that part of the brain and what that part specifically does. We have been using that app throughout recently to help us learn the brain easier.

Last week, we got the chance to build our own brain out of food. Most of the groups used Rice Kris  pie treats to make the shape of the brain. We had to label the four lobes, the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem. In my class, groups used icing, different colored m&m’s, or fruit roll-ups to differentiate the four lobes. Most groups used icing to hold the brain together but one group used peanut butter, which was an interesting choice. For the brain stem, which includes the spinal cord, people used licorice, Rice Kripsies, and pretzel rods. We used different colored candies to separate the different parts of the brain stem.

It was a class full of learning, fun, and many different smells! We got to eat the brain when we were finished, but I’m not sure if any group actually did because we were munching on all the food we brought in while we were building it. It helped our class see where the different parts of the brain were in a fun way!


This group used fruit roll-ups to separate the four lobes.


This group used different colored icing and Rice Krispies to separate the lobes. They used licorice for the spinal cord.


This was the group that used peanut butter and different colored candies to separate the lobes.

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