Magazine Fun

Ann Marie Nuckols ’18


Between the Smartie banks and bags of candy bars we all knew there was another fundraising program here at Mercy.

The fundraising program that was going on was the Magazine Drive. During this drive you could sell: cookie dough, magazines, and other items. The new edition to that list was a Mercy Tumbler, resembling the Trevis cups.

When you got your passes for the raffle you received a candy bar for the number of orders that you turned in.

The  passes that students received,  allowed them to be out of uniform this past week. There was also a Progressive drawing between the three turn in days.

The first drawing was for $150 which no one won, the second for $250, still no one won, the third and final was for $450, this drawing was won by Camille Flamm ‘18.

The Magazine drive was a big success. We collected over 35,000 dollars for the athletic association.

The drive was open for anyone to turn in magazine orders. For athletes, it was mandatory.

Athletes had to turn in at least 5 orders. Some turned in more, some less.

To find out how many athletes just turned in what they needed to, 5 orders, I did a survey in the Digital Journalism class. Below are the results.

This is an infografic displaying the data from the survey.

This is an infografic displaying the data from the survey.

Most athletes only did the minimum they had to. Some athletes bought 3 orders and then paid the other two.

For some athletes, they didn’t have to worry about how many orders a cookie dough was. Those athletes parents paid the fundraising fee.

This fee covers the cost of any fundraising program for the athletic association. Parents paid this so that they don’t have to worry about things like this and not having to buy magazines they don’t read.

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