15 Reasons to Take Band Class in 2015

By Jessica Whitman ‘18

1. Once you learn to play your instrument, you can join LaSalle’s band.
2. Playing a musical instrument is proven to make you smarter.
3. Broaden your horizons! Playing an instrument is a unique skill. It takes a lot of concentration to know what note to play, where your fingers should be, how much air you need, and making sure each note and rest is the correct length.
4. Playing an instrument is something a lot of people wish they knew how to do; here’s your chance to learn in a safe environment without judgment and a great teacher.
5. Everyone should know how to read music. It’s a valuable skill and is crucial for musicians and singers.
6. It’s a very laid back class. You won’t ever have to stress about a test.
7. No homework! (Just kidding, you should definitely practice.)
8. You can choose to take it for only a semester. If you hate it, it will be over soon.
9. You can also take the class for a whole year and become a much better musician.
10. This class works for anyone. If you don’t know how to put an instrument together, you’ll learn. If you’ve been playing an instrument for years, you’ll improve.
11. Learning an instrument can be challenging but this class will give you the resources needed for success.
12. Sticking with it even if you face a challenge will teach you determination.
13. Sounding awesome on your instrument will give you a feeling of accomplishment and pride.
14. Being confident in your ability to play your instrument will lead to confidence in other aspects of your life.
15. Playing an instrument is fun!

Although I’ve never taken band class before, I am a flutist in LaSalle’s marching band and have requested to take the class next year. I’m sure that the band class, which is taught by Mr. Fischer, our director, is just as great. Olivia Short ’17, who plays clarinet, says, “I went into the class as a beginner and I felt like I could learn without the pressure that private music lessons has; I took them as a child and they terrified me.” Being a part of the band is a huge learning experience and band class will definitely teach you some of the same skills, such as organization, determination, and confidence.

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