Isis beginning to train its next generation

By Lindsay Eichhold ‘18

It seems that a day does not go by that Isis is not in the news for a new video or violent act. The terrorist group released a video in January of them burning a Jordanian pilot to death. More recently the group released a video of them executing 21 Christians in Libya which has caused widespread debate about how to deal with them. The terrorist group released a video on Monday showing their next generation of fighters being trained.

The video contains about 70 children who have come to join, or forced to join, Isis. The children were pictured doing various drills and reciting lines from the Koran, the sacred text of Islam, in the video. The video was said to be filmed at the Al Farouk Institute for Cubs in Raqqa, Syria, which is a place where Isis trains it’s soldiers.

Some people may wonder what Isis will use these young children for after they are fully trained. Isis uses the young children as soldiers, and human shields. The terrorist group also uses the children as suicide bombers, similar to the strategies of the Boko Haram,a terrorist group located in western Africa.

With Isis training a new generation of soldiers it is safe to say that they will continue to be in the news until a way to stop them is figured out.

Link to most recent video of Isis training their next generation of fighters.

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