Lights Out Mercy!

On Thursday, January 29th, Mercy was cast into complete darkness during B.2 and the beginning of B.3. Without any warning, the electric flickered on and off until completely going off leaving Mercy without lights and wifi. What could be worse than being stuck in a classroom without wifi? Absolutely nothing. At least no one was on the elevator when the power went off, those things are scary enough even when there is power at school.

Another strange event that occurred while the power went out was that a bag of candy was stolen from the cafeteria. Personally, I can’t blame who took it considering who doesn’t want free candy. Also, with the electric being shut off the microwaves didn’t work causing many Mercy girls to go without their favorite lunches like mac’n’cheese.

One of the best things that happened during the power outage was all of the Snapchats from fellow Bobcats who were stuck in some of the creepy areas of Mercy like the theater or the basement. After about 30 minutes of being powerless and wifi- less, Mercy’s power unexpectedly came back on and didn’t go off for the rest of the day.

By:Bridget Hellmann

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