Mercy vs. that green school

On January 27, the faculty and students made a very important decision. What kind of Bobcat suit we were going to get!? Stay with the blue or get a brown colored suit? After all the students got to vote. It was a close one… but the blue suit won.

After deciding what mascot suit we wanted one person from each grade played some of the teachers in a game of knock out, the students had obviously won.

That night the Bobcats had played against “that green school.” At the game that night, the Bobcats had challenged the Saints in a dance off at half time. To warm up the Bobcat for later that night we asked the best dancer at Mercy, our janitor Keith, to have a dance off with the bobcat at our pep rally!  Keith really helped us out, by helping us win the dance off. Even though the basketball team lost, we still showed our Mercy spirit!


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