The Snowpocalypse

By Caroline Steinmetz’17

Live from the covers of my room, I am blogger Caroline reporting to you today about the potential Snowpocalypse. Turn on the hot chocolate maker, dive under your covers, and snuggle up with Netflix because a Snowpocalypse is approaching. Between Wednesday, March 4th, and Thursday, March 5th, Cincinnati is expected to receive 6-10 inches of snow. This winter “March madness” storm is expected to come in two waves. The first wave is predicted to start Tuesday with several inches of rain. As temperatures on Tuesday began to reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the piles of snow and ice from previous storms will begin to melt. The weather and temperature on Tuesday can cause a build-up of rain throughout the tri-state. We hear the sobs of Cincinnatians as the temperature is predicted to once again drop Wednesday.  The second wave of the snow should approach on Wednesday, causing the rain to turn to sleet and snow. It is speculated that around 3 PM Wednesday the snow will start to accumulate quickly. The snow will continue to fall throughout the day and night on Wednesday then flake out around Thursday morning. While no snow is great news the temperature on Thursday morning will be around -4. ): Throughout this predicted storm, I will be reporting my findings in the “field” otherwise known as my house.

   Day 1 of the “snowpocalypse”: Rain Rain Go Away

Hour 1 of the rain-A rain drop has splattered its way into my eye and I am horrified.

Hour 2 of the rain-As I sit in my car and prepare for the 5 foot walk to enter my home, I put on my poncho and start my pep talk.

Hour 3-10 of the rain- It is still raining.

Day 2 of the “snowpocalypse”: The snowpocalypse hits.

11:51 p.m.-The dreaded Wednesday that was ready to kill has arrived and I am confused. While Northwest Local Schools and Oak Hills Local Schools closed Mercy and several other high school decided to release early. Reporting at 11:51, 9 minutes before leaving school, I am thoroughly puzzled. The outside world is dry. We have received zero inches of snow today.

1 p.m.-Well after leaving school and continuing my day with Panera, Netflix, and a nap, it finally started to snow around 4 pm….good thing we got out early.

7 pm-Reporting live from the Snowpocalypse, I’m here to tell you that wow…it’s snowing. It’s been accumulating for a few hours now, so the chances of a snow day are likely!

11 pm- I’m worried, America. Watching Friends has helped me neglect schoolwork and the snow is slowing.


Day 3 of the “snowpocalypse”: Snow Day?

3 a.m.- I really hope we are off school tomorrow…maybe I should go to bed.

4 a.m.- It’s 4 a.m…I should go to sleep.

6 a.m.- oh thank goodness we are off school.

12 p.m.- Well, after visiting the outdoors I would say we are lucky to be off. We received about 2-3 inches of snow with a little ice. The sun’s out now and the roads are drying in preparation for a great Friday.

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