ZIPpity DIPpity Doo

By Liz Neville ’15

Ahhhh. The season of yummy soft-served ice cream is upon us! The average west-sider’s classic choice of Zip-Dip is opening March 6th. The sound of excitement can almost be heard through the dreary winter weather. The season opening of an establishment that gives us a taste of summer, it may help us push through the last weeks of the winter that never ends.

The soft serve twirlers will be breaking out their aprons, getting the rainbow sprinkles ready, stocking the stack of cones (waffle or cone, whichever you prefer), updating the sign viewed from the street, and switching the “OPEN” sign on.

One of the things that mesmerizes children the most when they step up to the window and place their order is the spiral flow of ice cream coming out of the machine. The workers truly have a steady and magic hand that perfects the tower of swirl. As a child at heart myself, I always have to order a chocolate and vanilla swirl, beautifully drenched in rainbow sprinkles. After many years of experience, I have noted that every once in a while you should mix up your order. Yes, traditional people who are stubborn towards change will disagree with me. But it is refreshing to give your taste buds a new friend- either with a candy filled flurry, orange creamsicle soft served, or even a hot dog! (who knew that Zip-Dip sold more than just ice cream?) Footlong hot dogs, corn dogs, burgers, and soft pretzels are among a few of those items on the who-knew-you-had-that menu.

So this March, grab some of your friends and family and treat yourself to a taste of summer! 🙂


Picture of the original Zip-Dip when it opened in 1947

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