Bunbury Music Festival 2015

A beautiful park, drool-worthy food trucks, and amazing music are three ingredients guaranteed to be at Bunbury Music Festival this year. This new Cincinnati tradition, held at Sawyer Point Park June 5-7, is amped up and ready to amaze thousands for another year. The excitement began February 26th, when the setlist for Bunbury 2015 was released. The three headliners for Bunbury this year are The Black Keys, Avett Brothers, and Snoop Dogg. “At first, the headliners surprised me,” Amy Cline’17 said, “but I have to give Bunbury credit for delivering a wide variety of bands this year.” Other bands traveling to this festival include: Brand New, Twenty One Pilots, WALK THE MOON, Lindsey Stirling, Bleachers, and many more. WALK THE MOON and Twenty One Pilots are returning for their second year and made their Bunbury entrance in 2013.

Squashed between thousands of people, dripping with sweat, and jumping while listening to Fall Out Boy, I smiled never feeling more alive. Last summer I visited Bunbury on Saturday and watched New Politics, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy perform. Returning to Bunbury for my second year I recommend getting your tickets early. Currently prices for a one-day pass are $69, Three-day $154 and Three-day VIP are $349. In my opinion a three day pass is the way to go. While the setlist is released Bunbury won’t release the dates and times each band plays until later in the year. Once they do this the prices will once again rise. Therefore buying a three day pass now will guarantee seeing your favorite bands. Buying a VIP pass allows you to stand in a gate closer to the stage then general admission. I personally would rather buy a 3-day pass because if I have a band I would like to see I can always arrive at the stage early and get a good place to stand/sit. My favorite part about Bunbury was probably the atmosphere. Thousands of people come together and spend the weekend together for the love of music which is a great feeling.

Bunbury is a fun environment and makes for a great summer weekend. I recommend you check out this music-filled festival.

Below is a link to buy your tickets.


By Caroline Steinmetz’17

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