How to Make Netflix Even Better

By Julia Von Allmen ’16

There are many staple shows that every basic, teenage Netflix user knows; ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘Friday Night Lights’… etc.  These basic, three shows have one thing in common; they are drama-filled, unoriginal, and center around the average TV depiction of high school students.  Emphasis on TV depiction; meaning that these ‘high school students’ (actors who are approaching their mid-life crises) are nothing like real high school students. With the exception of Gossip Girl (the epitome of everything listed above) my all-time favorite waste of time, these shows bore me.  I just feel that if I’m going to be unproductive, I should be entertained.  Due to the lack of originality in these shows, I have ventured into the sitcom genre, and I am never going back.

After I regrettably finished ‘One Tree Hill,’ (horrible waste of a waste of time) I knew I was through giving into the hype of these bland shows.  Scrolling through the ‘popular’ section, and down to the unexplored part of the online streaming library, I came across ‘30 Rock.’  Tina Fey is funny, Alec Baldwin is funny, and Tracy Morgan is funny, so why not try it?  After watching the first few episodes, I was hooked.  This show was hilarious.  It was nothing like those conventional, teenage dramas.  I finished ‘30 Rock’ and quickly moved onto my next endeavor, ‘The Office.’  BEST SHOW I’VE EVER WATCHED.  This show put me into tears from all my laughter.  Never before had a show made me laugh so hard.  I was sad when I finished the series, but now that I knew there were more shows out there like ‘30 Rock’ and ‘The Office’ I could move on and not be bored.

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