Kid Again: my first piercing at 16

By Olivia Short ‘17

I’m sure most Mercy girls have a vivid memory of their first ear piercing — the awkward silence while filling out forms, the weird smell of cleaning solution, and thinking that your basic little studs are the most beautiful thing in the world.

Most of you went through this years ago, but I only recently did. Very recently… only about 2 weeks ago! I even went full on 8-year-old and had it done at Claire’s. (I know they haven’t got the best reputation for piercings, but hey, my mom’s a traditionalist.)

We lined up at Claire’s behind a sign that, I kid you not, said “SATURDAY — Meet the Piercing Leprechaun!” As promised, the employee was dolled up in Claire’s St. Patrick’s Day merch. I’ve never seen more green glitter in my life.

That aside, she did her job well. She was endlessly patient with the two kids in front of us — a fidgety little girl and a super nervous tween boy. She was careful to wash her hands and all equipment and even counted down for me when it came time for the actual piercing. (I’m a baby… even flu shots make me flinch.)

The Leprechaun left us with a coupon: 20% off an entire purchase. I felt obligated to grab all the dorky 8-year-old earrings I could find. (The hamburgers, the pom poms, you know what I mean.) Everyone’s been there at some point; it’s some kind of rite that’s necessary to graduate 4th grade. (I had enough dignity to just buy some sunglasses.)

For now, I’m happy with my little silver balls. And only 4 more weeks until I can change them! Catch me in the largest, most obnoxious pearls you’ve ever seen.


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