Promposals Gone Wrong

By Shannon Ferrier ’15

This past Monday, March 9th, we were off school. Some would have chosen to sleep in or do some homework, but I did something different.

Liv Hart, Meggie Hartmann, Macara Vonderahe, and I all went up to LaSalle high school to do some promposals. Liv told her boyfriend, Danny Bellman, that she was just bringing him some lunch. Since her birthday is the day of prom, she made a poster that said, “Be my date for my big 1-8” with birthday balloons attached to the lunch she brought for him. Although he did say yes, he refused to take the balloons into school.

I asked my friend Kevin Casey with chillitos from Skyline. He always gets the extreme cheese instead of the regular cheese, which made my promposal even better. On the front of the box I wrote, “This is extremely cheesy, but…” then on the inside of the box I wrote “it’d be chill if you went to prom with me.” He also said yes!

I like to think that my off day was a lot more productive than others considering I now have a prom date. My only worry now is to get a prom dress. Prom is only a week and a half away, and I couldn’t be more excited!IMG_1954

My friend, Kevin Casey

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