Stay Awake..Stay Awake..Stay Awake

By Caroline Steinmetz’17

Whether you were up all night watching Netflix, studying, or just tired, we have all had days where we can’t keep our eyes open. Why is it at times eyelids can change from 0-100 pounds in a matter of minutes? In the middle of a class, we find them dropping like flies, refusing to open, causing us to blink profusely and look silly. So next time  you find yourself trying to count sheep, here are some tips to stay awake.

  1. Take off your layers. While we all love our scarves, vests, and fuzzy coats, sometimes these are substitutes for blankets. They make us warm, sleepy, and inevitably cranky when we cannot nap.
  2. Hit the water fountain. Ice water is something that wakes me up instantly. Occasionally we get tired because we are dehydrated, so a glass of water can help you stifle your yawns.
  3. Run around. While I am a huge supporter of laying in bed all day, when there is something I have to stay awake for, I try moving around. Shifting in your seat, taking a stand-up-stretch, even just walking to the bathroom can help!
  4. Get out the peppermint. It is said that peppermint wakes you up and helps you focus, so next yawn, grab a stick of Orbit or a mint.
  5. Make a Starbucks trip. Embrace the white girl aspect of your life and get a coffee. While it isn’t the healthiest option…who cares? The delicious coffee will jog your mind and the sugar and caffeine will help keep you awake for awhile…just be careful when you crash.
  6. If you’re feeling especially tired avoid the Thanksgiving dinner and eat small snacks throughout the day. A huge meal will tire you out even more, so light and yummy snacks are the way to go.
  7. Have a dance party in your headphones. Listen to your top 10 upbeat girl jams and start feeling the energy flow throughout your body as you wiggle.
  8. Be a friend of the sun. Don’t sit in the dark and expect your eyelids to do all the work. Expose yourself to natural sunlight, the brightness will definitely wake you up.
  9. If you’re getting desperate and looking for anything to help try acupressure. Pull down your earlobes, rub the back of your hands, and press below your knees.
  10. Finish your day and take a nap. My highschool experienced has taught how all the greatest people take naps. So after a rough night sleep just hit the snooze button and go back to dreaming about a world without responsibilities.

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