Life of a Lifeguard

By: Andrea Smith ’15

Though a very demanding job when duty calls it is an amazing to be a lifeguard. I have been a lifeguard for three years and I enjoy spending my summers at the pool. I enjoy it so much that I work at an indoor pool and lifeguard during the school year. The training is demanding. To just get into the class I had to swim twenty laps, swim with a 10 pound brick, and tread water for two minutes without my hands. All in a row! When I finally got into the class, after four months of training, we learn to jump into the pool and pull the victims out. When someone has a heart attack in the pool we know how to get them out and begin CPR and wait for the EMS to get there. To be a lifeguard, you have to be in excellent physical shape. Before I became a lifeguard, I thought that they sat up in the chair and looked pretty, but that is far from the truth. They have very demanding jobs when it comes to training. I have always been close to my staff, because you have to. When you save someone no matter how little the save, the entire pool is involved. We all look out for each other. If things become serious, you have to be able to respond immediately and work as a team or someone could seriously get hurt. Lifeguarding is a huge responsibility; only do it if you are ready for the responsibilty.

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