The Lazarus Effect

Erin McKenna ’18

*** WARNING- contains graphic/gruesome descriptions and involves animal cruelty

This past weekend, my friends and I went to see “The Lazarus Effect.” My expectations were low entering the theater, after reading many of the movie reviews, and seeing that the highest rating was 3 stars.

The movie is a sci-fi horror film based on the idea of bringing people back to life (hence the title lazarus effect). A group of medical students have invented a serum that is intended to help coma patients, but is discovered to have the ability to bring dead organisms back to life.

Much to the horror of my friends and I, they begin with dog trials. They have a giant freezer full of deceased canines available for their choosing. They have a successful trial run and bring an adorable dog named Rocky back from the dead. He has an abnormal amount of brain activity, though, and the med students are warned of sudden violent behavior. However, he was so seemingly-innocent that they completely ignored the warning.

In a second trial with another frozen dog one of the students is electrocuted and dies instantly. Her fiancee, who is also on the team, is not willing to let her go, and uses the serum on her. The serum had never been tested in humans before and has unanticipated effects involving demon possessions and violent, gruesome deaths.

Watch this movie with caution. I think it’s a quality horror movie, and I enjoy the sci-fi aspect of it, but many scenes are disturbing and morbid.


Just a few reactions after seeing the "Lazarus Effect"

Just a few reactions after seeing the “Lazarus Effect”

I am the type of person who laughs at horror movies, much to the annoyance of the terrified people in the theater. Anything considered creepy in the movie? I’m probably laughing at it. Most of my friends said that they slept with the light on, though, if that aids in your movie-making decision.

Of course, we went to see it on Friday the 13th (not a good idea) and that unlucky aspect made it scarier. I don’t know what my friends thought would happen if we saw a horror movie on Friday the 13th. One girl mentioned how we were now “double-unlucky” and everyone should be careful for the rest of the night, which I thought was hilarious.

I would recommend the movie “The Lazarus Effect” if you don’t mind blood. This movie is graphic, but a quality thriller, and I would definitely watch it again.

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