Tori goes to State!

By: Andrea Smith ’15

One of our very own Mercy Bowlers went to State this past friday.She got started in Bowling by a senior who asked her to come to the summer league and she had been hooked ever since. In Bowling she has made friends, has faced many challenges, and learned how to calm herself down while having a bad game. At the beginning of the season they lost to Seton, but at the end of the season they beat them. Tori said that it was exciting to know that they could beat them, especially since they only lost by a few pins at the beginning of the season. Her practices were strict, but during practice they had to practice three good scores. They could run around and eat, but also had to stay focused on bowling. If the University of Cincinnati has a bowling team, Tori might even go on to play in college. Tori’s high score (one game) is 257, but her high series (three games) is 617. 617 is the score that got her into districts. She is nervous that she is going to throw the three games, and not be able to to get into the zone to play an amazing game. Though she is sad that the team isn’t going with her, her parents are and she will miss her teammates. Though they got a new coach, the team overall they did really well. Tori’s average has greatly improved over her years. When she started she had a 106 and when she ended her average was 190. Good Luck Tori!

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