Mercy students making music in La Salle’s wind ensemble

By Jessica Whitman ’18

Tonight, March 13, 2015, LaSalle’s wind ensemble will be performing in OMEA at 8:00. Since there are only three Mercy students in this group, Camille Flamm ‘18, Giorgia Close 16’, and Sara Dressman ‘15, I’ll explain what OMEA means. The acronym itself stands for Ohio Music Education Association. Band directors who wanted their bands to compete in contests formed the group in 1924. Now, 91 years later, students from Mercy are competing in one of these competitions.
The wind ensemble will be performing three songs, Men of Ohio, Chant and Jubilo, and Basque Lullaby. The musicians will also be sight reading a piece, which means that the whole band has to play a piece of music they have never seen before. This sounds incredibly complicated, but the musicians have been practicing extremely hard to prepare for this concert. They have especially been focusing on their communication with each other and with their audience in particular.
There are 5 classes, AA, A, B, C, and an unrated class. LaSalle’s wind ensemble will be participating in Class B. They will be scored on a scale from one to five, with one being the best and five being the worst.
Good luck tonight! I hope you score a one!



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