Superhero Cyclones save the score

Hayden enjoying the game with his dad. Photo courtesy to Angel Rogers

By Jessica Whitman ’18

Saturday night, March 14, 2015, I attended Superhero night at the U.S. Bank Arena to watch a Cyclones game. Because of the Superhero theme, many grade schools received money for each ticket they sold, which is how I ended up there.
Superhero Night may not seem interesting to you, but most boys love it; the younger they are, the more love they have for it. My neighbor Hayden, age 4, was never seen without a smile that night. He dressed up in a full costume, as if it were Halloween.
The players also got into the spirit of the night by replacing their usual red uniforms with uniforms based off of the Marvel character Iron Man. The Cyclones were auctioning off specialty jerseys after the game. Apparently, there was also a way to get a cape. However, I didn’t figure it out in time to get one. (Not bitter.)
Now, the part all you sports people have been waiting for, the outcome of the game! The Cyclones were competing against the Komets, who are from Fort Wayne. During the first period, the Cyclones scored one point. In the second period, both teams scored one point. The third and final period was rather boring because neither team scored. This resulted in a win for the Cyclones!

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