Perks of Being a Chorus Member

In the cast of a show, there are groups of people; the leads, the dancers, and the chorus.  Each group not only plays a part in the show, but in the social heirarchy of the cast.  The leads are usually the ‘adults’ of the show; they are the most responsible and try to keep everyone in check.  The dancers make the cast look cool; they have fierce struts and radiate confident vibes that transfer to everyone… and then there’s the chorus.  For the most part, the chorus is a diverse mixture of ‘leads’ and ‘dancers.’  And, of course, in every group, you have a minority.  The chorus’s minority are people like me; the cast members who sit back and watch.  We’ve deemed ourselves the ‘underachievers.’

There are some stipulations of being an ‘underachiever,’ including: you can’t care about anything at all; you have to eat your own weight in food; and you must always sit in the back of the theater during rehearsal.  Keep in mind that the ‘underachiever’ group is the chorus minority, and the ‘lead-type’ and ‘dancer-type’ generally have a low tolerance for its lackadaisical mindset.  But this is where the first stipulation applies; you must not care what the other chorus members think of you.  If they want to talk about how immature you act in the dressing room, let them!  As long as you don’t care, you’ll maintain the status quo.

underachieving; not caring in action

Theater life can get stressful, and there isn’t a better way to relieve stress than to chow down on some grub. The only thing that keeps the ‘underachievers’ appeased is the amount of food that is associated with tech week.  ‘Underachievers’ are never happy without a full tummy.

stocking up for tech week

Not everything about the ‘underachievers’ is bad.  We actually contribute a lot to the cast!  We make everyone else look better due to our lack of drive, we can pick up food for people (when asked), and we genuinely love musical theater.  Our love for theater is what connects us to the rest of the cast, and all in all, the chorus wouldn’t truly be the chorus with our little minority; the ‘underachievers.’

Julia Von Allmen ’16

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