Do You Wanna Be A Baker?

By Liz Neville ‘15


If you love waking up at 5:25 in the morning, my job is perfect for you. After complaining for about 5 minutes, and thinking to yourself “why God why did I apply for this job?”, you finally wrangle up enough energy to get ready for work. Luckily, the uniform is very comfortable. You sport a nice apron on top of sweatpants and a tee-shirt. Once arriving to work, you walk through the door and smell the wonderful aroma of fresh baked donuts, danish, bread, and buns. Then once you have clocked in, you go to the front and start packing the orders for the day, sometimes there are days where the bakery is swamped with orders (Christmas had 320 orders) other days no orders have to be made.

After the orders are completed you begin filling the display cases with the pastries. Then you look at the clock and think to yourself “shoot it’s time to open.” You sprint to the door and unlock it and turn the “OPEN” sign on.

The next six hours are filled with rushes of people ranging from the grandparents that shouldn’t be driving, coming in to grab their favorite coffee cake; to the young mom who brings in her flock of spazzing children who press their dirty hands all over the glass (which you would have to clean up later.)

Coffee refills, bun slicing, cookie packaging, and box folding; are among just a few of the daily tasks. Getting a break is never really an option at the bakery because there are only one or two clerks at a time. Although it would be nice to sit down for a little bit, there is “always something to be doing.”

If this sounds like something you may enjoy, pick up an application at your closest bakery 😉

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