Panthers Prevail

By Liz Neville ‘15


IMG_0859 The cheering section at the game.

The smell of sweaty post-pubescent teenage boys will not be filling The Pit this Friday, March 6th; but instead inside the Cintas Center at Xavier University. The Panthers basketball team will take on Lakota East in this next round of the postseason. Wins have come easy to Elder this year, but the team is up for a challenge this weekend. With only having one loss in the regular season against Moeller, the team is on fire and ready to continue that winning attitude to the post-season.

The theme announced by the big chief, Ben James (school president), is “anything and everything Elder.” You heard the man. Ask your dad, brother, or any boy you know if you can borrow some Elder apparel if you don’t have enough already.

If you are worried about not fitting in with the Panthers here are some sure fire ways to blend in at the big game:

  1. Talk about Elder all the time, I mean it is the best place ever right?
  2. Bleed purple. It may not seem healthy but it’s a necessity.
  3. Stock up on your purple apparel…you might be shunned if you don’t wear any.


Final score of the game, 57-46 Elder. The Panthers prevailed in the end after a tough start to the game against Lakota East. The boys in the crowd were decked out in their purple and cheered Elder to victory. Team spirit is never a problem for the Panthers, while their cheering section was nearly 3 times larger than Lakota’s. They head to the next round of the post-season.

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