Spanish Club gets spicy with salsa

By Olivia Short ’17

For its March 16th meeting, Spanish club decided to try a new activity– cooking! A handful of students (with the guidance of Senoritas Mullen and Herman, of course) got the chance to prepare authentic salsa to their liking.

The great thing about salsa is its versatility– you can add whatever you want, and control exactly how much or how little of that ingredient is present. We happened to have fresh tomatoes, white onion, cilantro, lime, garlic, salt, and pepper. Senorita Herman even spotted us for some store-bought chips and tortillas for quesadillas.














The lineup of supplies was pretty impressive. Who would expect to find a lime juicer at Mercy?

The preparation was done by Ania Cosby ’17, Olivia Campbell ’16, and myself. We got to collectively decide how much of each ingredient we wanted in our salsa, and got free reign with the kitchen tools. (Yes, even the knife.)














Pictured above is the calm before the storm– we made a mess of Srta. Herman’s desk. The whole thing ended up covered in tomato pulp and onion bits, and Keith would have had a heart attack at the sight.

I should mention that we had to make a historic decision. When Srta. Herman asked if we wanted to use the jalapeno pepper she had bought, I could literally feel everyone questioning their trust in the other club members. We all know that a friend ordering spicy food without consulting the group can lead to burnt mouths and resentment. All 3 club members were nervous to answer, but we eventually settled on using half the pepper.

image1 (1)













A few chops later, our product was beautiful. It was fresh, colorful, aromatic, and just a bit picante. I honestly considered putting the above picture on Instagram, but I don’t know if I’m a shameless-food-shot kind of person.

All in all, it was so fun to cook with a small group. Our usual crowd of 10-ish juniors were on retreat that day, so we had much more leftover salsa than anticipated. Did we still eat it all? Yes. Yes we did.


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