Barbara’s blog birthday bash!

By Kristen Gandenberger ’15

To celebrate Mrs. David’s big birthday, I put my journalism skills to good use by interviewing some past and present journalism students about their favorite things about our fearless leader. Resident year-long freshman and rising journalism star Lindsey Eichhold summed up the three main aspects of Mrs. David’s awesomeness best:

Silliness- “she has an extremely quick sense of humor”

  • “She was my hometown teacher junior year and that was my favorite part about junior year lol and I like how fun she makes digital journalism :-)” -Abby Connor ’15
  • “I love her sarcastic remarks and that she’s blatantly honest about everything!” -Sara Dressman ‘15
  • “I appreciate the number of diet Cokes Mrs. David drinks everyday & I love how short paragraphs are in journalism.” -Jessica Whitman ‘18
  • “I love Mrs. Davis’s sarcasm, personality, and I love how she always has a diet coke.” -Ann Marie Nuckols ‘18
  • “She’s so funny, relatable, and laidback.” -Allison Moellinger ’18
  • “Mrs. David has such funny stories (like the bugler one)!” -Kaylee Merschbach ’15

Love of teaching- “she teaches my favorite class”

  • “Oh my happy birthday Mrs. David! i think my favorite part about digital journalism is how surprisingly fun it is. I remember I got put in randomly but it turned out to be my favorite thing about sophomore year. also Mrs. David’s sarcastic teaching and truthfulness make my day hilarious.”-Caroline Steinmetz ’17
  • “I love Mrs. David’s humor and I love that journalism allows you to write things that interest you.” -Andrea Smith ‘15
  • “I love her sense of humor and her friendliness!! I have this really vivid memory of her being so proud of my class as freshman and it just felt really validating to have that recognized by a teacher??? She really does make people feel good about their accomplishments *emojis*” -Olivia Shortcake ‘17
  • “I love that I discovered my love for writing in her class, and I love her sarcasm and happiness and her as a person” -Shannon Ferrier ‘15
  • “I love her positivity and willingness to listen to students, no matter what they have to say. She’s okay will going outside of the intended plan because she finds ways to teach lessons in all situations.” -Becca Rhein’15

Straight-up bona fide Mercy compassion- “she’s understanding”

  • “Mrs. David has turned the stress of freshman year into fun. She realizes the pressure we are under and tries to make it easier on us. Mrs. David has taught me so much about writing, but also a lot about myself. She is definitely the teacher I can count on with anything, which is a special thing to have” -Erin McKenna ‘18
  • “I thought it was so cool how when she accidentally printed 61 papers she made it into something useful. I think that shows a lot for who she is as a person and her ability to adjust to situations that most people would be mad about.” -Becca Rhein ’15

Long-time journalism student Hannah Schibi ’15 sums it up best:

“I love Mrs David, not only as a teacher but as a person. Her passion for writing and teaching is contagious and her spirit lights up the room. I have been lucky enough to have Mrs David for 3 years and I can honestly say it’s been a blessing. She’s always keeping things interesting and no one knows how to handle my “spunk” quite like she does.”

Happy (belated) birthday, Mrs. David! We all (evidentally) love you!

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