How to find a college roommate

By Sara Dressman ‘15

How to find a college roommate:

Applications-check, college acceptances-check, college decision-check, now what?

Now that you have all the stress of the college application process and decision making off your chest, now comes the fun part of the college process: choosing your roommate! Most colleges give you the option of choosing your roommate and all colleges have the option of dealing you random roommate(but what fun is that, right?). Choosing a roommate is practically like choosing your best friend for the next four years. Here are some of the steps I took in choosing a roommate.


  1. Choosing a college. This might seem obvious, but you shouldn’t start looking for a roommate until you have officially committed to a college to avoid any awkward conversations that go something like: I’m sorry, but I can’t actually be your roommate next year.
  2. Join your class’ college Facebook group. People start posting roommate requests on the Facebook groups starting as early as February. Use this as a tool to start looking for a potential roommate based on the information that they post about themselves. Compatibility is key!
  3. If you can’t find anyone who sparks your interest from the existing posts, make your own! Follow the steps below to create an outstanding post that will surely draw in potential roommates:
    1. Introduce yourself! “Hi, I’m Sara and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio”
    2. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself such as your interests, your major, your likes and dislikes, etc. However, the way you say something is arguably more important than what you actually say. Instead of saying that I play the flute, I told them about one of my unique skills which happens to be playing the flute and hula hooping at the same time. How you tell people about yourself is important because it will make you stand out from the hundreds of other people looking for a roommate.
    3. Tell everyone what you’re looking for in a roommate. Are you looking for someone who will have philosophical discussions with you late into the night? Are you looking for someone who makes really good tacos? If there are qualities that are important to you, you should definitely mention them in your post. Here is another instance of how the way you say something is more important than what you say.
    4. Give your contact information so potential roommates can reach out to you, whether it is through email or Facebook messaging this is crucial!
  4. Start messaging people or wait for them to message you.
  5. Get to know the people who message you by asking them question. Where are they from? Do they want to get involved in during college? What’s the top item on their bucket list? What would they do if they won a million dollars? Ask them interesting questions that require more than a yes/no answer so you can get to know them. This is crucial to determine whether you are compatible, especially if you are messaged by more than one person!
  6. Pick a roommate and then decide which residence hall you two want to live in together!
  7. Make a fun list of things to do together, like binge watching The Office in onesies and stuffing your faces with Girl Scout Cookies.
  8. Coordinate decorations/items that you want to have in your dorm roommate. For example, if she got a mini refrigerator as a graduation gift, you can scratch that off your college shopping list. Talk about each other about your visions for decorating your dorm room. Do you want to hang Christmas lights in your room? Tell her about it!
  9. Continue to get to know your roommate! Ask her about her family or about her school or her hobbies!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.47.44 PM

Here is my post on the Saint Louis Class of 2019 Facebook page that helped me find my roommate Peyton!

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