La Ciudad de Espanol 1- The City of Spanish 1

Ann Marie Nuckols ’18

In Spanish 1 we are learning about places in the city. Our teacher, Ms. Mullen, has assigned us a project to create our city.

Like any project, we had various requirements.

We had to give our city a theme, streets and boulevards, and rivers. As an addition to the requirements, we had to “build” 15 different places to visit in our city.

Well being the uncreative person I am, I decided to base my city off of Mercy.

The name of the city is “Big Blue”. Most of the streets are named after teachers in close relation to something that reminds me of them. I.E. Avendia Kron is next to the softball field (she used to be the coach for the softball team here at Mercy).

This project allows us to, of course, learn places and let our high school imagination flow.

As almost being done with my project (I had nothing better to do over spring break) I am loving this project. I must say, I did not make enough streets for all the teachers in this school. I’m just a little bitter.

Lindsay Eichold ’18 has her own thought on the project ” I really liked it. I was so glad my teacher wasn’t grading me on my artistic ability.”

Erin Mckenna ’18 says,” I like coming up with the city and street names. I can be funny if I want.”

Some students named the streets after themselves, pets, tacos, glitter, and multiple others.

As you can see a lot of students like this project.

Allison Moellinger ’18 loves this project because she is ” allowed to express her creativity.”

I also love this because it takes me back down memory lane to when coloring was homework. It also allows me to express my imagination in a fun way, something that doesn’t happen much now that I am “part of the next generation of leaders”.

I think leaders should be allowed to imagine and color. Thanks, Ms. Mullen, I love coloring.

This is the city that I designed Only one more thing till it's perfect... Outlining.

This is the city that I designed Only one more thing till it’s perfect… Outlining.

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