Good Ole Tennessee

By: Allison Moellinger ’18

During our Spring break this year my family decided to head down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a nice 3 day vacation away from Cincinnati. We left Cincinnati Wednesday night with high hopes for good weather and quality family time.

When in Tennessee, we stayed with my aunt and uncle, who live in Rarity Bay, about an hour or so from the heart of Gatlinburg.

While in Tennessee, my aunt took us to visit a little town near her called Sweetwater. When in Sweetwater we ate at a mansion, which served very fancy food. While in the mansion we took a few minutes to look around. I took particular interest in the architecture of the interior, which I have to stay was absolutely stunning. After a nice lunch at the mansion, we walked around Sweetwater and visited a bunch of different little shops. Among the many shops included was antiques, clothes, and ice cream.

Another day in Tennessee was spent at the Hollywood Wax Museum and 3D experience in Pigeon Forge. My favorite thing about the Wax Museum was how interactive it was. The museum had each wax figure dressed in a costume from one of the major movies they starred in and a little blurb about them. I personally enjoyed posing with the characters for pictures more than anything else. The 5D experience was like a virtual game where you shot at bugs trying to crawl on you and ghost trying to attack you. I myself have a phobia towards bugs and since it was 5D, it felt like there actually were bugs crawling on you. I got a little freaked out.

Lastly, we spent the day in the heart of Gatlinburg walking around the different shops, purchasing lots of clothes and food, and riding on a lift up the side of a mountain, which gave us a spectacular view.

When we weren’t out and about exploring the shops and such with my family my friend, Claire Ellerhorst, and I drove my uncles golf cart around their property we viewed the beautiful scenery, visited the beach area by the lake, visited the golf course, and viewed the horses surrounding my aunt and uncles house.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.55.25 PM

Allison Moellinger and Claire Ellerhorst looking fly while posing in front of the beautiful scenery in Rarity Bay, Tennessee.  (Photo courtesy, Susan Moellinger).

All in all I’d say I had a successful start to Spring Break. Having a little break from Cincinnati and its bi polar weather was nice and relaxing.

Allison Moellinger and Claire Ellerhorst posing with the wax figures from the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Allison Moellinger and Claire Ellerhorst posing with the wax figures from the Hollywood Wax Museum. (Photo courtesy, Jan Knecht).

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