Pointless Projects

Kaylee Merschbach 15’

“Have you even started your senior project yet?”

Basically, If you’re a senior right now there is not one doubt in my mind that you’ve caught senioritis and find that there is no point to our senior project. In the first semester of Senior year, we learned a lot about human rights and different problems that have to do with it. We’ve read many books and wrote endless essays about our feelings on problems all over the world and how they affect us, and how we feel they are right or wrong. For some strange reason, someone thought it would be a great idea to add another project into our senior schedule. It basically goes over the same thing we’ve already spent hours upon hours writing about during class. The convenient thing about this project is that we have absolutely no time whatsoever during class to work on it with our group members (-:

To be completely honest i’m not 100% sure what my group is doing for our project, nor have i researched our topic. Actually i forget what our topic is in the first place. With there being about 30 something classes left of senior year, it is already very stressful to do homework every night just to make sure you graduate on time. Overall, I’d say this project is very benefitting to us because it makes us want to cry ourselves to sleep thinking about all the work we will have to finish within the next week. Any teacher would say “ You have had plenty of time to get finished with this project.” If you’ve met the class of 2015, we take lazy to a whole other level.

On top of this project, we also have to write a paper by Monday talking about our Service Hours. This paper is more benefitting than the senior project because we reflect on ourselves and how service makes our community better. I personally think that after doing over 24 service hours and spending time to write a paper, that we should not have to have another project added into the mix.

In the long run, Senior project 2k15 has done nothing but add more stress to both students and teachers. We’ve had no class time to work on this, no announcements to know when things are due, and also no motivation. I cannot wait to finish this project and be able to move on with my life. (-:

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