The Change Challenge


By Shannon Ferrier

The day before Easter break, the seniors came up with a great raffle raising idea. We decided to host our very own “change challenge”. Our change challenge was every homeroom bringing in as much change as they could. We would all count up the change for each homeroom and the homeroom with the highest amount of change would get all the change from every other homeroom and the money would go toward their homeroom total for the raffle.

So, over break every senior was emptying their piggy banks, searching under couch cushions, and picking up every piece of change they found on the ground, even if it was on tails.

On the big day of the change challenge every homeroom was counting every piece of change with a sweat on their brow. Every single homeroom broke $100 in change (except one). Luckily for 12A, Tori Brackett brought in over $75 in change. Because of Tori, 12A took the dub (win).

Because of this “change challenge” 12A got over $450 for their homeroom. Even though the other homerooms lost the change challenge, they still got $450 more to their goal. The assembly is later on today, and I cannot wait to see who will end up going to the zoo! (Seniors)

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