4th Quarter Seniors

By Abby Connor ’15

If you are a senior, senioritis has hit you like a train recently. You have no motivation to do your homework or study for that test because you already got into college, so what’s the point? That has been the mindset of seniors the past couple of weeks and I am sure it will continue until the end of the year. This time of the year is very difficult for us seniors, the weather is getting nicer while we are stuck inside looking everywhere for some motivation to start that homework or study for that test. All we want to do is go outside in the beautiful spring weather and then we start to think about summer and spring break. Ask any senior if they have a countdown to graduation or senior trip and the answer will be yes. (If anyone was wondering graduation is in 50 days and senior trip is in 55 days.) Seniors have been making the final decisions and payments for senior trip so that is all we are thinking about. The beach, no school, and being with our friends, what more could we ask for? Most of us are ready to graduate. It has been a great four years at Mercy but it is time for us to leave and start the college life. Finish strong seniors!

Things seniors will do instead of their homework:

  1. Watch anything on Netflix.
  2. Hang out with their friends even if they have loads of homework.
  3. Keep refreshing Twitter and Instagram until someone posts something new.
  4. Snapchat everyone they know.
  5. Sleep for hours.
  6. Hang out with their pets.
  7. Go to Target, because we always need something from Target.
  8. Shop online for bathing suits and summer clothes because summer.
  9. Watch vines for hours.
  10. Eat everything in sight.
  11. Then go to the gym because senior trip.
  12. Go get ice cream with your friends.
  13. Get ready for college.
  14. Look for a roommate on the college Facebook page.
  15. Go to the park.
  16. Drive around with your windows down just for fun.
  17. Stare at your homework for hours but still not do it.
  18. Take a picture with your selfie stick.
  19. Check Facebook because that is how much you don’t want to do your homework.
  20. Buy concert tickets for the summer.

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