The Breath of Heaven

By Shannon Ferrier

One day during class, an announcement was made over the PA calling all members of the Vocal Ensemble to the office. I am in vocal ensemble, so I was very nervous to see what was going on. When we were all in the room, they then told us the exciting news that we were going to be performing with Amy Grant at a Mercy Health event. We all reacted by screaming with excitement. We were told that the event would take place on April 15th. They then told us we needed to learn two songs and we would be collaborating with McAuley’s vocal ensemble as well. We were all very excited to be working with our sister school again.

The day of the event came quickly and all 15 girls in vocal ensemble came to school and tried to focus until our 1:30 dismissal. As soon as 1:30 hit we all left our classes as fast as possible and headed over to McAuley where we then got on a bus and headed to the hotel where we’d be performing.

When we arrived, they took us to a special room just for us with drinks and mints. We felt as if we were getting a celebrity treatment. While we were waiting to warm up with Amy, we rehearsed the songs a few times. Then someone knocked on the door telling us it was time to go warm up with Amy. All of our hearts were pounding and we were all so nervous to meet her.

We all lined up on stage and she introduced herself and asked for all of our names, then telling us it was a pleasure to meet us all. We then starting singing the songs we learned and she told us to relax. She shared with us that “music is like conversation, it’s like sitting down in the living room with family and singing for fun. We were there to bring the joy and happiness of music to these people coming to see us perform.” When she said this my heart just melted because that is exactly what music is to me.

Someone mentioned to her that we knew her song “Breath of Heaven” and both vocal ensembles performed it. She insisted that we sing it for her, so we did. After we sang it, she was breath taken and immediately changed the set list around so we could perform that song. We ran out of time so we did not get the chance to practice the song with Amy while she was playing, so she said we would just “wing it”.

The time came for us to go backstage. We all had sweaty palms and butterflies in our stomachs, but we were so excited. She finally called us out onto the stage and we all walked out with nerves running through our bodies. We sang our first song then moved onto Breath of Heaven. While we were singing Breath of Heaven, time seemed to stop. I felt so many emotions because we were performing with Amy Grant and senior year is almost over. I immediately started tearing up, but also felt so much happiness and bliss. The song sounded amazing, and when I looked out into the audience I saw several people crying.

As we were leaving the stage, Amy shook every single one of our hands and told us how beautiful we are and how great it was to meet us. This was by far one of the best experiences of my life, and I will forever remember this day.


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