A blog post about writing a blog post

A blog post about writing a blog post

Sara Dressman ‘15

I have the unfortunate disposition of having a Type-A personality and being an introvert. Having a Type-A personality makes me in a constant rush- always doing something, always busy, always in motion. With a Type A personality, I have weekends that jammed with activities and events. I don’t have time for a boring life. In contrast, being an introvert means that I need my down time to recover from social events because they are draining to me. Part of my introversion includes a lack of sharing the little nuances of my life that I find particularly exciting.

FullSizeRenderI brought dinosaur stickers to give out to my flute students when they correctly played their scales. However, all of my students had finished their scales and I had extra dinosaur stickers in my band folder. Wouldn’t it be fun to put my dinosaur stickers on my music? A Triceratops on my music “Country Gardens”! Haha Tri-SARA-tops- like my name! Nice pretty country garden, then all of a sudden DINOSAUR ATTACK!!! That dinosaur is probably hungry- I’ll draw plants in the corner. I wonder if my band director wants a dinosaur sticker…

Writing blog posts is almost therapeutic to me. I have a lot of interesting things in my life that happen nearly weekly. The hardest part of this combination of Type-A and introversion is having a lot of interesting things to talk about without a lot of outlets to share them. I can make just about anything interesting because I find joy in the smallest of moments and my brain is a web of connections that can spin those small moments into something really exciting.

I saw ducks on the back field behind my school one morning. Ducks are funny creatures… Daffy Duck, duck-duck-goose, Duck Dynasty, Donald Duck. Ducks make me think of spring. How weird it would be if the ducks somehow got into the school? How would my teachers would react if I told them that the ducks were shadowing me for the day and how difficult would it be to cater to their semi-aquatic needs? Haha this idea of ducks as my school shadows is QUACKING me up!

These seemingly irrelevant details are what keep my life interesting. I always have something to talk about, however, I usually refrain from speaking unless someone asks me specifically. This is the reason why blog posts are very therapeutic to me. Blogging allows me to talk about the things I find interesting in a way that isn’t draining.

My dad moved my Mercy sticker from the back of my car to my car door, but it fell off. Now my car has no personality. My poor beige Honda Accord, Harry the Honda… My car has such a bland personality now… How will people find my car now? Everyone looks for my Mercy sticker, but now it’s gone!!! How will anyone find my car now?

A lot of people have a hard time coming up with a topic for a blog post, however, I normally have a wealth of ideas and struggle with narrowing down to a single topic. Life is only as interesting as you make it!

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