A Night to Remember

By Abby Connor ’15

Saturday night was one to put in the books. I attended the Elder Freshman Dance in their very own cafeteria. The amount of purple was overwhelming. It was a nice environment aside from the sweaty young boys, short dresses, and the occasional shouting of “Altiora”.

I know you are all wondering why a senior at Mother of Mercy was at the Elder Freshman Dance. Good question. Let me tell you, two letters, D and J. To my surprise, I helped DJ the dance. It all started at dinner with Elder class president, Ben James. At dinner, we received an invite via text message. Our friends, Brad, Max, Ryan, and Collin were already there DJ-ing. After a 20 minute car ride of me mentally preparing myself for this once in a lifetime opportunity. We pulled into Elder, the parking was vacant…well because freshmen can’t drive.

While walking up to the door I could hear the rumble of 15 year olds tearing up the dance floor. We walk in and saw the usual format of Elder dances: 20 people dancing as hard as they can and then the rest awkwardly standing around them counting down the minutes until they can leave.

We see our friends behind the computer screen picking what song comes next. They took their role very seriously and even went all out and dressed the same. The outfits consisted of button down shirts and red visors put on backwards, sadly I didn’t get the memo until I arrived. My friends told me that there were even some freshman who got there 15 minutes early…if that doesn’t describe a freshman dance I don’t know what does. I think it was cool how students were DJ-ing because they have seen bad DJ’s and they know what kind of music teenagers like. Unlike Mercy, Elder played whatever music they want. They took requests and played pretty much anything. My friends just had a Spotify playlist they made on their computers and played that through the speakers. Shockingly, the playlist was halfway decent; featuring the occasional line dance or classic ’80s jam.

The best part of the dance was probably just standing at the table and awkwardly staring back at the kids while they were dancing. They were doing the Cha Cha Slide and turned around and faced us and we were just sitting there watching them dance. We even saw one of the girls whisper: “Why are they staring at us?” Then I turned around and started looking out the window because I felt uncomfortable.

Overall, I loved every minute of the dance. From all the awkward freshmen to the fact that I went to the Elder Freshman Dance as a senior at Mercy. One of my favorite parts was that when I walked in, none of the teachers even questioned why I was there and just went with it. It was definitely a night to remember!

Tbt to my freshman year when I went to the Elder Dance.

Tbt to my freshman year when I went to the Elder Dance.

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