May 1st is just around the corner

By Shannon Ferrier

Today is April 23rd, incase you didn’t know. The reason I am telling you this is to point out that May 1st is just around the corner. May 1st means warm weather, sunshine, and (almost) summer. BUT May 1st also means National College Decision Day!

As our senior year is coming to an end most people have their decisions made as to where they will be going next year and have already committed. People are meeting people through social media and trying to find roommates.

I have committed to Xavier University to study nursing and I will be living on campus my first year. Knowing that I have all my plans together makes me so excited for next year!

Even though I am excited, there are some people stressing right now more than ever. There are some people who have yet to decide where they will be going. Kelly Tieman is a perfect example of this. Tieman’s top colleges were Xavier University, Perdue University, and the University of Dayton. She made some progress by narrowing it down to XU and UD. Tieman decided to go on a second visit to both schools to try and figure out where she felt her heart truly was. Today at lunch when I asked where she wanted to go, her response was “I don’t know” and then she tried to change the subject. I am assuming the whole situation is stressful and overwhelming for her. On the bright side, I managed to get it out of her that she is leaning toward Dayton. I asked her if it was 10% Xavier and 90% Dayton, or closer to 50/50. Her response was “I don’t know.”

So for this whole “interview” thing, I didn’t really get much out of Kelly so just keep her in your prayers. And to the rest of the seniors, happy almost National College Decision day and try to #finishstrong and break through that senioritis.

photo123-1VS  XavierMusketeers

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