Princess Di as rich as ever

Ann Marie Nuckols ’18

If you are like me and cherished your little bears when you was little, you might want to go looking through your old bear box, or not.

Princess Di (or Diana) had a TY bear made for her foundation, The Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. After the princess died, donations came pouring in. They set this fund to help the people that are having trouble living in the UK and all over the world.

A couple in Cornwall bought one of these rare bears for £10, or about 10.83 USD. They found out that there were only “100 made,” so they put it on eBay. This bear was sold  for £62,500, or roughly $93,000 USD.


This is a photo of the ad on eBay for one of the bears.

Now, being the observant person that I am, I knew that I had seen that bear somewhere before. So I went into my room to find this bear, practically shining with arrows flashing pointing to it.

I went to school thinking that maybe I could go to college for free. I later told my mom and she had me do some dream-crushing research.

According to TY Collector, it is as fraud. They issued a fraud alert on January 14, 2015.

There are multiply reports on multiple news sites saying that they are all valuable, all of which are false.

Though these bears are valuable, they are only worth more than $5 if they are first edition (meaning that they were the first ones made. )

You also have to beware of counterfeits, they have a lighter green rose color. They also have a more elongated, and thiner rose.

The bear on the right is a counterfeit bear.

The bear on the left is a counterfeit bear.

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