MLC Fair

Ann Marie Nuckols’18

As  freshmen we have little buddies that come for the grade school of St. Bonafice.

This is part of our MLC requirements. Through the course of the year we have visited St. Bonafice, had an outdoor lunch, and sent multiple holiday cards.

For our big spring project, we are holding a science fair. This fair is presenting  some of the things we learnt this year to our buddies.

My group (8B) is doing a spin-off of the classic game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Earlier in the year, we learned about the layers of the atmosphere and what objects went in them.

We are going to display the layers of the atmosphere and the kids have to “pin” the objects on the correct layer.

But before they play the game , they are going to have to learn about what the layers are.

With the help of their big buddies, the little buddies will learn the layers of the atmosphere, their temperatures, and what objects belong where.

My group members are Piper Ulm, Makensie Neville, Sami Muller, and Lucy Millazo.


Pictured above is one of my group members Makensie Neville, working tirelessly on our project for the buddies.

Overall, my group members and I are excited to present this to kids and take our little buddies around, enjoying other group’s booths.

This fair is going to be held in the gym on May 15.


This is an idea of what we are doing for our project. Photo curtsey Pintrest.

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