By Emma Dougoud ’16

Saturday, April 4, 2015 was a devistating day for the Kentucky basketball team and their fans. Kentucky went on a 37-0 winning streak. The Wildcats got to the final four of the NCAA National Championship for Men’s basketball. They got matched up with Wisconsin, it was a good game but the Kentucky Wildcats were too cocky and thought this game was going to be a breeze. While watching this game, you could tell Wisconsin really wanted to win the game.

For me, Kentucky was a team that i never really liked. There is this huge rival in my family between Duke and Kentucky. I had no idea that Kentucky had lost because i was at work all night, so when I came home my dad had the biggest smile on his face because he HATES Kentucky. And once he told me, my smile didn’t go away until I went to bed. Anyway, instead of talking about my excitement lets talk more about the game. The game was so close throughout the entire first half. And at the end of the half the score was tied 36-36. In the second half, the Wildcats seemed to struggle a little bit more. After the end of the second half the score difference was 35-28. Which led the Badgers 71-64.

As I was saying of how how cocky those Kentucky fans are cocky, after the game a bunch of Kentucky fans started fights with the Wisconsin fans, which ended up being 31 people arrested in Lexington, Kentucky which is very close to Kentucky’s campus. Luckily during the fight no one was seriously injured. This whole incident just shows how bitter all those Kentucky fans are. This really brought out there true colors.

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