Cone Zone

By Emma Dougoud ’16

Cone Zone has just recently opened up and as an employee there, I want everyone to know that they should come and get some delicious ice cream! Cone Zone, this year has got a lot more different types of candy, toppings and new yogurt! Everyone should try the orange and vanilla twist. After every night of working a shift I get free ice cream which comes in clutch! Also all of my co- workers are very fun to be with and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else, because I love it so much. My bosses at work are very flexible with hours and go around my schedule and I still get plenty of hours!

Everyone should come to Cone Zone, because it is very good ice cream and very cheap! The biggest excitement that has happened to me at work was when I was making a hot fudge sundae and I was squirting the hot fudge on the ice cream and the hot fudge squirted everywhere! It got all over my sweatshirt and I even got some on my leg. Another thing that has happened was when I spilled all the cherries on the floor. That was such a mess! Well, as you can see Cone Zone is a very fun place to work and you should all come and get ice cream!

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