Fan Account Struggles

By:Bridget Hellmann ’16

As you may or may not know, I’m mildly obsessed with One Direction. As a fan of 1D, I feel that it is my obligation in life to stalk those boys to the end of the earth. As a part of my obligation, I have a twitter fan account fully dedicated to them with a staggering amount of approximately 10,200 followers. And before you ask no, you may not follow it and no, I will not tell you the username and in the strange event that you find and follow it I will block you #sorrynotsorry.

Having this twitter has been one of the best experiences of my life, I am free to tweet about how cute Niall’s eyes looked in his selfie or have a full on breakdown when one leaves the band without others judging because the other people I follow are most likely going through the same thing. I have also made so many friends through twitter and am planning to meet up with them at the concerts I’m going to over the summer. One even lives 6 minutes away from me and goes to Oak Hills. We ran into each other at Target one day which was the first time we had officially met.

But at the same time, having a Twitter account isn’t all fun and games. There’s so much stress surrounding my twitter account its crazy. I sometimes feel like if I don’t tweet I’ll be murdered by my followers or something.

Here is a list of the struggles of having a twitter fan account:

  • The need to tweet at all hours of the day- When you have a twitter fan account it is almost your job to tweet something about one of the members of One Direction at every second of the day. If you don’t tweet you’ll lose followers which isn’t fun for anyone. There are ways around the no tweeting 24/7 rule though, you can either tweet that you’re going to school, sleep, or on vacation by your name to something like “inactive bc exams”. So everyday before school I tweet that I’m not going to be back for 8 hours (in other words PLEASE DON’T UNFOLLOW ME I DON’T GET GOOD RECEPTION HERE AND CAN’T TWEET)
  • People favoriting or retweeting dumb tweets-The amount of people who favorite my “I’m going to school” tweets is ridiculous. The other day 8 people favorited it, not that I mind people favoriting my tweets but it’s just really weird.
  • Having a tweet that gets an insane amount of retweets but it has a typo- Stupid typos. If you compose your tweet really quickly and don’t proof read it 56 times before tweeting it you may have the horror to find that after you have 56 retweets that their was a really stupid typo. Even better when the tweet gets 1,527 retweets and 538 favorites when it is a really important tweet involving one of the members of the band getting a girlfriend. (True story, trust me it happened.)
  • People who aren’t fans of 1D attacking you for a tweet- I think that this is one of the rudest things people can do. If you don’t care about One Direction good for you, they’re not for everyone but when multiple people tweet you rude things about a heavily retweeted tweet (see number 3) it’s very uncalled for. I see no reason for grown men and women to attack a 16 year old about them being concerned about their favorite member getting a girlfriend.

Timezones- When 1D is awake you’ll be asleep and you’ll wake up to find that they did a follow spree and followed 50+ fans and you weren’t one of them. Not bitter. But honestly, timezones are an archenemy of One Direction fans everywhere. Usually when the boys have an announcement or something similar they do it 4:00pm GMT (the time zone for London where 1DHQ is located). For us that means things will happen at 11:00am which is a decent time during the summer or on weekends but during the school year its the absolute worst. You can’t just sneak out during the middle of math class to watch a new music video or a video of them announcing their perfume, making it impossible to interact with everyone on Twitter and by the time you get out of school the video is old news. Even better when one of the members leave the band and you still have an hour of school left.

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