Why I Don’t Drive

By:Bridget Hellmann

As a junior who is clearly past the age of 16 it is expected that I should have my driver’s license. But that is not the case. Yes, it seems crazy that a junior almost senior can’t drive but it gets even better…I don’t want to drive.*collective gasp from the audience* I prefer not to drive simply because it’s a lot of pressure and who wouldn’t want a chauffeur? There are some major disadvantages to not driving but their are also many benefits.

Some disadvantages to not being able to drive as a junior are as follows:

It can be very hard to find a ride especially considering if you live farther away from your friends. You’re at the mercy of your parents to take you places so if they don’t feel like taking you, you’re not going.

You can’t leave your house whenever you feel like it to get food or see your friends.

You have to wait for your parents to come and pick you up after school or an extracurricular activity, which can result in you having to stay 15 minutes later than planned.

You have to explain to people many times  that yes I am 16 but no I don’t drive.

There are also advantages of not being able to drive:

You have a personal chauffeur whenever you need to get somewhere.

You don’t have to worry about getting a job to pay for things like gas money or insurance.

An accident will never be your fault.

You can eat, text, call, and jam out to your favorite song on the radio without having to focus on the road.

You can absentmindedly stare out the window and watch people in other cars or on the sidewalk.

You can call and ask your friends to bring you food if you’re stranded at home.

If you really don’t feel like hanging out with someone you can use the excuse “I don’t have a ride.” (Trust me it works everytime.)

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