Softball Senior Day

By Abby Connor ’15

Softball’s senior day was on Wednesday against McAuley. Softball has had a rocky season but they weren’t going to let that stop them on their senior day. McAuley is one of the top teams in the GGCL for softball so they knew this was going to be a tough game. The Bobcat’s stuck with them for the first couple of innings but in the end the Mohawks won, 3-1. Mercy played a great game especially the seniors. There are 5 seniors on the team: Jessica Richter, Liz Neville, Amanda Wullenweber, Brooke Schierenbeck,and Maria Vetter. They have all played softball for 4 years at Mercy.

After the game, they called each senior and her parents out onto the field and gave them flowers. There were many pictures captured. They celebrated after the game with a picnic and the team gave each senior a blanket and a scrapbook. Their season isn’t over yet so go check out the Mercy softball team!

Upcoming games:

5/6: Strike out Cancer vs. Seton at Mount Saint Joe at 7:00!

5/7: At Bicentennial Park vs. Bethel Tate at 4:15!


The seniors posing with their parents with their posters and flowers the team got them.

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