Compliments from the can

By Olivia Short ’17


Today is Compliment Day! That means cheesy texts and cute tweets galore. But this year there’s a surprising amount of positivity coming from the bathrooms.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the cute post-it notes tacked on bathroom mirrors around the school. They’re adorable and genuinely encouraging on a bad day.

It all started a few mounnamed-1nths back with a little pink bobcat in one of the third floor bathrooms. You’ve all seen it— it reads “you GOT this” and is undoubtedly cute. I distinctly remember my first time seeing it: I was exhausted, stressed for midterms, and felt like absolute garbage. But unnamedonce the index card caught my eye, I had to smile. If this hot pink cartoon cat thought I could do it, I could. If this cat believed in me, I could hoist up my backpack and make it through the rest of the day.

The doodle got some attention (read: was in everyone’s Snapchat story at least once) and eventually caught on. In the following weeks, more and more positive sticky notes started popping up in Mercy’s bathrooms. Their messages vary, but this tech-wing bathroom note has the gist of it: “You are very loved and very important!” Eventually, every bathroom in the school had at least one note of encouragement.

Using this momentum, the spirit co-chairs went all-out for Compliment Day. They hung dozens and dozens of big pink notes in all the bathrooms. The result? A literal explosion of positivity.


What I love the most about this is the ripple effect. It all started with that one little cat drawing! I love the original artist for putting out a selfless token of encouragement. We really do need these kinds of things sometimes. Even though they’re small, they can be cushions to make high school less scary and lonely.





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