Wacky Weather 2k15

By Jessica Whitman ‘18

            According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this year was supposed to have a colder winter than normal from mid-December to late January. They also predicated above average snowfall from November to March. Check and check. Their next prediction was an overly dry and warm April and May. The temperatures last week reached and exceeded 80°F. The humidity was also 100% on several days. This made the weather seem even worse than it actually was.

            The rest of the year is also predicted. From June to August you can expect hot and dry weather, everyone’s favorite weather! In the FullSizeRenderfall, from September to October, it will also be hotter than normal.

            Due to the ridiculous number of snow days we had in late winter this year, I can confirm that the weather prediction was correct. So far, the predictions for this spring have been correct too. We can only hope that this summer will not be as hot as predicted, because I’ve already been sun burnt enough this week. It just began to pour rain proving that Cincinnati weather is unpredictable. For more information about the weather this year, check out the Farmer’s Almanac.


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