Beating all the odds.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.44.46 PMMy brother was hit by a metro bus fourteen years ago in April. I don’t remember much about the day since I was four. My mother picked me up from daycare and we came home. My mom had started dinner and my dad was a truck driver at the time, but he came home that night, which was odd because he was gone during the week. My mom started to get worried because my brother, Chris wasn’t home, but my brother, William was. My parents asked where Chris was and William told them that he went to go buy Pokemon cards. My mom left to go trace the path he would have taken. She pulled up to an accident and asked the officers if they had seen a blond hair blue eyed boy on his bicycle, my brother’s perfect description. A metro bus had hit my brother. They rushed my mother to the hospital. She stayed there the next six months at Children’s Hospital with Chris. I spent those six months with my babysitter.

He had a severe head injury and even lost a significant amount of his brain. The doctors weren’t sure he was going to make it and he even died six times on the operating table. They told my mom that he would never walk talk or do anything a normal person does ever again, but he relearned those basic skills after going through intensive physical therapy. It was a big deal when he came home because our family spent so long in the hospital.

Chris on his college graduation day with his mom.

In 2007 he graduated from high school with honors. He has also gone to college and graduated with an associate degree. He now works with a sub company of GE. He has worked there for over two years and enjoys it.

Chris was on his bike when he was hit and since then he still rides his bike. He has given speeches about helmet safety. If he wasn’t wearing his helmet, he would be dead right now. Helmets are very important and my brother is walking, talking, breathing truth of that. He does charity rides for breast cancer and helps raise money for them. He is such an inspiration to everyone he comes to contact with. If you tell my brother that he can’t, he will challenge that and beat the odds.

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