Whipping with Boniface Buddies

Erin McKenna ’18

Today, the freshmen hosted the science carnival for our buddies from St. Boniface. The buddies range from kindergarten to 4th grade. I was lucky enough to get an adorable kindergartener, named Jadon. This was our last activity of the year, and have been planning it since the December MLC time. There were tables surrounding the edges of the gym with and poster boards and various activities relating to science placed resting on top of them.

The visit lasted for about an hour and a half, or the entire bell of A3. We rushed to the gym after A2 and set up our projects. After that, the buddies had arrived and we treated ourselves to a “picnic lunch” on the gym floor. Jadon was very excited about his doritos that he had packed in his lunch, and made up multiple songs about how doritos make him happy. While we were sitting, many of the Mercy girls taught and showed our buddies how to do the “whip,” a dance recently made popular by Viners and Holly Hilvert ’18. Most of the kids were better at it than us.

After lunch, the carnival began. Jadon ran from booth to booth, seeing what prizes and games were at each one, particularly searching for the food rewards given away. He was much more interested in the prizes and had a hard time focusing on the academic part of it. To be fair, he is 6 years old, and many of the topics were way above his comprehension level. One booth was about chemical bonds. I still have a hard time grasping that subject, and these kids are 5-10 years younger than me.

Because the kids were struggling with the activities, they took a lot of breaks, and were frequently reminded that the point of the carnival was to learn. A game of tag was attempted, and quickly put down by the adults present. After trying to gain their focus for the better part of an hour, I realized their little brains couldn’t handle any more, and I stopped persuading my buddy to visit the booths and just let him enjoy himself.

The whip was revived at this point during the visit, and we cheered and laughed as we watched our elementary school buddies dance, or try to dance, the whip. Some of the interpretations of the dance were better than the original, in my opinion. There was even a dance-off between Kennedy Temke ’18 and a little girl. Kennedy definitely lost.

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