Findlay Market

By Caroline Steinmetz’17

Do you love fresh food, the outdoors,  and cute shops with homemade trinkets? Then I suggest you check out Findlay Market located at 1801 Race Street Cincinnati, OH 45202. This cute market helps to “build an authentic and vibrant environment for food and food-related economic activity and social interaction in a great public space.” Since 1855 Findlay Market has been an important part of Cincinnati. Walking into the market at first can be overwhelming, I remember my first time I was surrounded by people and very confused. The layout is simple with stands and shops surrounding a long building with fresh meat and seafood inside. Don’t forget to get your picture underneath the large Findlay Market sign hanging on the building. The vibrant environment and delicious food make it a must shop place for all Cincinnatians.

Not only do I love Findlay food, but the environment is amazing too. Friendly people selling fresh food is a great combination. The family-friendly environment makes it a great place to bond( I did with my dad while shopping for presents for other family members.) The friendly workers willingly share business stories and make your consumer experience unique.

My favorite part of Findlay Market would be the adorable shops. Churchill’s Fine Teas, Pet Wants, and Bee Haven, are some of my favorite places. Candles, pet treats, delicious gelato, and some of the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted can be found at Findlay Market. My favorite item I found I Findlay was an adorable wax candle holder from Bee Haven. It was yellow, floral, and loved by everyone who saw it.

Findlay Market is great because while you are getting great quality products, you are also helping local farmers make the Earth greener. Next time you have a few hours and don’t feel like going to the same, old supermarket, head to Findlay Market with friends or family and have an unforgettable experience.

“Our vision is to lead a resurgence of a local food culture that provides communities safe and healthy food grown and produced in a manner that protects the environment and adds economic and social value to rural, suburban and urban communities.”

For more information about Findlay market and its history visit

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